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On January 11,2008 Cp2pay charged my credit card and did not send the product ordered.Then they will not answer phone calls.I have reported this to my credit card company as a fraud and am having to go through the process of getting this stopped before it gets out of hand.I have read many complaints against this company. They tend to have done this to many people.

Everyone beware of this company. They are faud and are getting away with ripping people off.

Help put a end to this scam by voicing any complaint that you may of had.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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East Meadow, New York, United States #16818

it is not fraud if you give them you card number. Fruad is when you do not make, authorize or benefit, meaning no PRIOR KNOWLEDGE!!!! All of these stories are Merchant Disputes, NOT FRAUD!!!!

Chester, West Virginia, United States #11270

I have been charged $21.95 monthly by this copmany since 3/07!!! I also have ordered noting.

The worst part about it was it was on my corporate card and now I have to pay all that back. They could nopt be reached!!

New Franklin, Missouri, United States #4548

I was charged 19.95 too and I didn't order anything! They are a fraud. I'm pissed as well and my bank will cancel payment as soon as I tell them as they open their doors!

Hillsboro, Missouri, United States #4448

I as well have been charged twice by the a holes and by that bsm/sbm las vegas site 3 times what is going on how did they get our info I haven't orderd anything from the web in like 4 months and the only thing I pay online is my phonebill with t-mobile could that be it I have canceled all my bank accounts and am in the process of trying to prove fraud I am so glad I found this website I have printed a couple of complaints to give to my bank I hope no one minds, thank GOD people spoke out because I am as baffeled as I guess everyone else. thanx everyone for your voice hopefully they'll get these people. Paul Martinez

Albert Lea, Minnesota, United States #3662

I came accross this site trying to learn about commerce pay, which runs the site


If you bought something online it is likely that it was billed by this company

The do billing for various online companies, particularly those that are into ***, pharmacy drugs, gambling and other high risk type products that are hard for people to get merchant accounts for.

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