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I was never one to check my bank statements. My husband uses my card all the time. This month I was wondering why my account was over drawn. There had been times before that I knew there was enough money and ended up overdrawn. I thought I just forgot or lost a receipt. This time I was sure something was wrong.

I looked over my statement and 29.95 to a I called my husband he didn't know and I looked it up on the computer. I now know. I have looked back on the statements for the last year and every month for the last year they have taken it out.I had no clue. Now I have to cancel my bank account and wait for a new card and I don't even know if I will get any money back.

It seems those times I was cutting it close and ended up over drawn was at the same time they had taken the 20.95 thats what I get for waiting to make a deposit right. True I have four kids and taking them to a bank that has no drive thru is not real fun as some of you may know. I think it is really getting to me because I feel like a real dumb ***. Having never been over drawn till last year and all of those overdraft fees. I had to pay 20.00 a shot. Oh by the way I have never ordered any thing from any of these people. There was a time about two years ago my friend used my card and gave me the money and the medicine never showed up the company told her to wait and I tried to get the money backfrom the bank but the waiting period was longer the the time you have to deny the charges. They also could not come up with any more information on the people it was ordered from. We ended up writing this off. I have no clue if this is even connected but If it is I will tell you these companies with the meds are not real. PLEASE Get those charges off your account before it is to late.

Look at your statements closely. This was the very big mistake I have made. Even months or years later it may show up when it wants to but if they charge you like me it seems to come out on the 27 of every month. Well thanks for listening and I hope I helped someone in writing this.

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