I have fought for 8 months to stop the $20.95 charges to my credit card. I can't seem to stop them from charging my account.

I have spoken with my credit card company, I have tried to contact the cp2pay.com. They just can't seem to be stopped from charging. I managed for one month to get them off my account, but now they are back. I did not receive any merchandise from them and apparently they have just attached themselves to every credit card they can.

Someone needs to figure out how to put an end to this.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Eureka, Utah, United States #10151

The charges for 20.95 is for an online pharmacy "club" that get discounts on drugs, but it is a scam, and you need to call 1 866 733 0577 right away, tell them the card number charged, and they will get you a refund.

next call the FBI and report their *** for credit card fraud, that is what I have just done.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #9104

Same for me.. minimum 4 charges, I've called their customer support number for c2pay.com and they said they'd refund it. We'll see, I'm also calling my CC's fraud department and getting them to pull up a complete history.

I'm not going to cancel, I'm going to dispute EVERY charge as it will wind up costing Frontier Pharmacy money. If that fails, I'll consider jumping credit cards. I'll be monitoring all my cc statements for a while.

If that fails, I'll switch impacted credit cards and ONLY use my wells fargo visa which allows me to block individual companies from charging, I've suggested to chase that they enable that feature and will be speaking with dispute for chase on Monday.

It'll be a pain to do, but I figure I'll let THEM feel the pain of having to pay to respond and the chargeback, etc. At least for a little while.

I see 4 charges (well 3 and one that chase fraud dept notified me of) on the card starting around January. I need the dispute department to look back for 'all time' and dispute them all.

Nice scam, an amount that is low and you will figure is a web subscription or something similar.

This is an outcropping of online pharmacies 'sharing' their database. I'll also be contacting the 2 VALID ones I deal with and see if they can get my number out of the 'network' database and LOCK to their site only. If all else fails, I'll move em all to wells fargo (maybe even a second low limit card) and do individual site blocking for each of them.

Pinckney, Michigan, United States #6095

We've found two charges. One in FEB, and the second in MAR 2008.

Awaiting to see if Bank of America can dispute/recover the charges with CP2PAY.com. We immediately cancelled our debit cards.

Concord, New Hampshire, United States #4847

Pretty much same thing, they charged $19.95 from my account without my permission, I guise Ille have to get new numbers so it wont happen again.

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